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We focus on developing and introducing innovative products. We hope this will
benefit and make progress for the industry.


Scolicast changes the original method of scoliosis impression taking.

To put it simply, the previous method was “take the model first, then correct”, but Scolicast’s method is “first correct, then take the model”. This difference in order is not just a difference in order. It’s about changing the entire process and optimizing the entire process. For example, in the past, orthopedists used their experience and predictions to make modifications to the plaster mold after taking impressions before producing an orthopedic waist frame.

Scolicast improves this situation and reduces the dependence on subjective experience. Using objective information and data, corrections can be made before modifications. This not only reduces the dependence on subjective experience, but also greatly saves the time required .

Insight Pro

Adapttech INSIGHT PRO brings earth-shaking changes to the prosthetic industry. It has always been very difficult to know the pressure distribution within the cavity. We can only use the user’s feeling as a reference, but feeling is subjective. Adapttech  INSIGHT PRO innovatively provides objective pressure distribution within the socket. Prosthetists and orthotists can use this objective data to help users improve the shape of the socket so that users can have a more comfortable prosthetic experience.

Sensor Medica Runtime pressure distribution display treadmill

The Sensor Medica RunTime pressure distribution display treadmill can display the pressure distribution on the user’s feet while walking or running in real-time. Using data, rehabilitation programs can be customized that are more suitable for patients. It can also improve prosthetics, orthotics or insoles in use to make them more in line with the real needs of users.

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